Guilherme Silveira Dias

Guilherme Silveira Dias

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First Name * Guilherme
Last Name * Silveira Dias
Username * minizine
Country * Brazil
City Curitiba
Nationality brazilian


Availability: Freelance


  • Self-taught


My name is Guilherme Silveira Dias. I've been making illustrations mostly for non government organizations and musicians since the mid 1990's. I've been practicing character designer since the late 1990's, and though I've never landed a freelance or job in that area of concept art I've always found a way to design characters if it was suitable in a paid illustration job (such as characters in icons that were originally briefed/art directed to generic approach).

I'm also a painter, and here at CGtalk my first interest is to do a series of studies of the master Rembrandt van Rijn, perhaps one of the greatest of all Dutch painters.